1,271 goals, five red cards and two unbeaten teams

FACTS AND FIGURES: ehf-euro.com analysed the EHF EURO 2018 Preliminary Round and now presents some impressive – even record-breaking – numbers

Beatrice Edwige played a key role in earning France the most effective defensive record of the preliminary round. Photo: Uros Hocevar / kolektiff

The EHF EURO 2018 Preliminary Round saw many milestones and record-breaking numbers. 24 matches have been played in the four preliminary round groups in France. With the main round starting on Thursday in Nantes, here are the most important facts and figures of the first stage of the competition.

0 draws were played in the preliminary round, however, there was no lack of thrilling finishes as six matches (one quarter) were decided by a single goal.

2 teams only – Romania and Netherlands – won all three preliminary round matches.

2 matches ended with a margin of 10 and more goals.

2 points, from one win each, were enough for Montenegro, Spain and, surprisingly, defending champions Norway to qualify for the main round.

4 teams have been eliminated after the preliminary round: Poland, Slovenia, Croatia and Czech Republic.

4 former Women’s EHF EURO champions, representing all 12 trophies, are among the main round participants: Norway (seven titles), Denmark (three), Montenegro and Hungary (each one).

5 red cards were shown by the referees in the preliminary round.

5 goals, scored by Poland in the first half against Sweden (5:10), was the lowest score for one team in the first 30 minutes. That score was the second-lowest scoring first half in the history of the EHF EURO.

11 of the 12 teams that were part of the EHF EURO 2016 Main Round have reached the same stage again: Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Sweden, France, Germany, Spain, Norway, Denmark and Hungary. The only nation that failed to return are Czech Republic, who were replaced by Montenegro.

11 of the 12 main round teams have won a medal at the EHF EURO in the past. The only country still waiting for one are Serbia, who reached the semi-final six years ago on home court in Belgrade but left empty-handed.

12 goals were scored by Slovenia’s Ana Gros and Montenegro’s Durdina Jaukovic, to be the highest tally for one player in a single match at the preliminary round. The record holder is Karolina Kudlacz-Gloc, who scored 17 goals against FYR Macedonia in 2006.

14 goals was the most decisive score line in a preliminary round match, when Norway beat Czech Republic 31:17.

15 goals out of as many penalty throws have been scored by Katarina Krpez Slezak so far.

+16 is the biggest goal difference after the preliminary round – and the winners are Romania, ahead of Netherlands with +15.

26 goals were scored by Katarina Krpez Slezak in three games, making her the top scorer of the preliminary round. She is ahead of (already eliminated) Slovenian Ana Gros with 25, Romanian Eliza Buceschi and Cristina Neagu with 24 each.

29 shots were saved by Sweden’s Filippa Idehn. That is the highest number of saves from all goalkeepers in the preliminary round. Idehn is followed by Marina Rajcic with 28 and Yuliya Dumanska with 27 saves.

42 goals in the match Croatia versus Hungary (18:24) made it the lowest-scoring game of the preliminary round.

67 goals were conceded by France, making theirs the most stable defence. Hungary follow in this ranking, with 72 goals allowed.

68 goals in the match Montenegro versus Slovenia (36:32) was the highest-scoring game of the preliminary round.

91 goals were scored by Romania, making theirs the most effective attack of all 16 teams.

175 two-minutes suspensions were given in the preliminary round.

194 players put their names on the scoring list at least once.

217 goals at EHF EURO final tournaments (and counting…) – this is the new record set by Romanian left back Cristina Neagu, who is the new number one on the all-time Women’s EHF EURO top scorer list after overtaking Germany’s Grit Jurack (194) and Agnes Farkas (205) during the preliminary round. She has already netted 24 times in France.

337 goals were scored in the six matches in Group D in Brest (an average of 56.17 goals per match). It was the highest-scoring preliminary round group.

1,271 goals were scored in the 24 preliminary round matches in France, which means an average of 52.96 per game. Compared to 2016 in Sweden, almost 100 more goals were scored. Two years ago, it was 1,179 at an average of 49.13.

written by Vlado Brindzak / cg / kd