Denmark survive Slovenian scare

ROUND REVIEW 3: 2016 semi-finalists Denmark wrapped up the first day of EHF EURO 2018 Qualification matches with a victory after a rollercoaster match against Slovenia.

Wednesday’s Women’s EHF EURO 2018 Qualification ended with 2016 semi-finalists Denmark claiming their first two points after a tough battle against Slovenia.

The visiting team initially looked to be in for a very difficult game as they scored just one goal to Denmark’s seven in the first 10 minutes, but Slovenia staged a miraculous comeback that pushed the hosts through to the last quarter before they opened a substantial advantage.

Denmark vs Slovenia 28:22 (12:11)

Playing in an arena supported by a sea of spectators in red, Denmark appeared to be the clearly dominant side early on. At the 10-minute mark the hosts were 7:1 up, before Slovenia finally added their second goal.

Denmark seemed to relax with the considerable advantage on their side, paving the way for Slovenia to decrease the deficit. The home team began to make unforced errors in attack, allowing Slovenia to close the deficit.

Slowly, Denmark watched their advantage disappear and Slovenia were within one by the end of the half.

Denmark coach Klaus Bruun Jorgensen found the right words to pull his team back to their best form during half-time.

Slovenia could only stay level through the opening few minutes of the second period before Denmark began to pull ahead once more, while keeping their visitors scoreless for several minutes.

Goalkeeper Sandra Toft was, as usual, a vital part of Denmark’s success, saving above 40 per cent through to the final 10 minutes. With her help, Denmark increased the lead and were assured of the two points several minutes before the final buzzer.

written by Courtney Gahan / cor